‘We all answer’, the cry for justice of the Mazatlecas this 8M


For those who are no longer there, for those who still can’t be locate, for those who don’t know how to shout, hundreds of women joined the sorority contingent

MAZATLÁN.- Friends, sisters, and even strangers, hundreds of women embraced and marched with one voice on the Mazatlán boardwalk to commemorate the struggle of March 8, International Women’s Day.

The boardwalk was, like every year, the path that sheltered them and received them to jump, dance, play the batucada but above all, shout at the top of their lungs for those who are no longer there, for those who still cannot be found, for the smallest and for those who do not know how to shout.

The contingent, punctual, left the monument of Lola Beltrán towards the diver; first the relatives of missing persons; then the contingent of pregnant women and women with minors in hand, and then the largest block, that of all, those of any profession or none, and finally the batucada.

Every year the posters, the verses and the messages stand out in the arms that each woman raises, some simply written with a pen, others with glitter, cutouts and even prints and phrases, from the most “motomami” to those of “high to violence.”

When they arrived at the Sánchez Taboada square, the feminist collectives did not measure the number of women who had gathered; journalists, royal princesses, former Carnival queens, dancers, singers, university students and even high school students, well even those who went with their pets.

The 8M march in Mazatlán has become a safe place for those who at some point felt alone but, by being there, they are no longer; those who go for the first time, nervous at first but hoarse at the end from so much shouting.

It seems that none was left behind and none stopped screaming and jumping because otherwise… it was male.

If you could observe the contingent from a high point, you could realize the strength, the raised fists and shout “present” for those who were not there, moments that will continue to be remembered so that the next 8M they all shout again.

Source: Punto.mx