Seafood, beer, and banda music in the Golden Zone with the new Muchacho Alegre


Jorge Lizárraga, director of Grupo Eleva, mentioned that in addition to this new branch, others are coming in states such as Nuevo León and Guanajuato.

MAZATLÁN.- A step away from the beach, with the catch of the day but with that characteristic touch of the banda and the party, the Muchacho Alegre opens its second branch in Mazatlán but now in the heart of the Golden Zone.

And because one is never enough, Grupo Eleva ventured to continue in the favoritism of tourists but also to reunite with the Mazatlecos, because a Muchacho Alegre is from and for the Mazatlecos, said Jorge Lizárraga Ángulo, general director of Grupo Eleva.

“Currently we have 8 branches of the Muchacho Alegre of the 35 companies that the Eleva Group has nationwide… such as the Muchacho Alegre Zona Dorada that we are opening, thus 10 branches that we opened in the last two years, when the group fully concentrates its expansion in Mazatlán” he said.

The inauguration was this Wednesday in Plaza Pacífico, a new gastronomic concept that is located at the intersection of Camarón Sábalo avenue and Gaviotas avenue, where you can enter with your vehicle and choose the gastronomic offer that it will have.

It will handle a traditional concept of seafood, beer and banda, overlooking the bay and with a proximity to the three Islands, there you will be able to feel the sand at first contact and a menu with more than 50 dishes, most of them innovative and for seasons.

Lizárraga Ángulo, general director of Grupo Eleva, reported that around 15 million pesos were invested in this branch and about 140 new jobs are generated for Mazatlán.

He indicated that as Mazatleans, they continue to bet on this destination that also shows impressive growth, even in a pandemic, since in the last two years, Grupo Eleva invested in 10 new units in the destination.

He said that in total, Grupo Eleva currently has 1,500 employees, of which 700 are in Mazatlán.

In addition to Mazatlán, there are 2 branches of El Muchacho Alegre in Tijuana, one in Mexicali, two in Chihuahua and one in Guadalajara that add up to 10 years of experience from their first restaurant and will soon open a branch in Nuevo León and Guanajuato.

“We are about to open in Nuevo León and in León, Guanajuato, we already have alliances with groups to launch them such as Grupo Impulsa and Grupo Cotorritos, we hope that by the end of the year we will already be there with Muchacho Alegre,” he commented.

What to try?

Chef Luis Montes pointed out that all the fish is catch of the day and has dishes such as aguachile prepared at the moment, fresh tuna trolls, queen clam, octopus top, zarandeado taco, and much more.

It will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday.