Hoteliers foresee that they will be at the top during Easter


Hotel occupancy is expected to remain at 100 until Easter Week, on Motorcycle Week

MAZATLAN. – The hotel sector in Mazatlán envisions a Holy Week at its peak from April 3 to 9, since until now reservations are going very well, registering between 55 and 60 percent, mentioned José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association.

He indicated that for these holidays it is estimated, mainly, visitors will come from the North Corridor, Mexico City and the Bajío.

“Until now we are at levels of 55 and 60 percent, it is going to be a good Easter; without a doubt, the good news for the destination continues, we are ready to receive tourists from different parts of the country”, highlighted Manguart Sánchez.

He said that in terms of the estimated economic benefit, they do not have it yet, but it is expected to be good for the destination in all areas, from hotels to restaurants and services.

The hotel manager highlighted that, during the next Tianguis Turístico, efforts will be made to improve negotiations on the issue of air connectivity to attract a greater number of visitors.

“To bring more tourism, the strategies are important, we rely a lot on a strategy based on the same studies that we do every year, to learn more about all the areas of opportunities,” he said.

He pointed out that the best strategy he has is to always improve the conditions of the visitors, so that they return to their place of origin happy, since they are in charge of promoting Mazatlan more.

Among the recommendations, he stressed that it is best that all visitors, when booking, do so through formal mechanisms such as speaking directly to the hotel or to the agency of their choice, so that there are guarantees in the sections.

During the second long weekend of March 20, on the occasion of the Birthday of Benito Juárez, reservations are almost 90 percent.