Tesla in Mazatlan? The Aerospace Park is in the game


Víctor García, co-founder of the Aerospace Park, informed that they are about to deliver the first phase of the project and start with the second, among their advances is the expansion of the flight strip

MAZATLAN. – Tesla arrived in Mexico, but did you know that Mazatlán is in the game and that the Aerospace Park could be the place to receive it? Víctor García, co-founder of this project, mentioned that they are already in negotiations for it.

However, this is not as easy as it is sounds, because other states already have industrial infrastructure ready for the installation of companies like Tesla, but without a doubt, Mazatlán is the only place in Latin America with a certified and environment-friendly Aerospace Park environment.

“We are in the game, we are there, if it is true that there are better positioned states because they already have an industrial history, we still do not have some things… We have a person in Mexico who is in charge of these efforts, who is helping us with the efforts to do it, we have minimal hope because it is not easy, but we are fighting for that to be the case”, he declared.

It was on February 27 that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Elon Musk agreed to build a Tesla plant in Nuevo León.

Víctor García pointed out that the Aerospace Park project is unique in Latin America, since there is no other with an ecological system and that is certified for this, in addition, they have a 3-kilometer private airport, that is, that their infrastructure could be adequate , but for the automotive sector, for other branches of Tesla.

“I think we have potential that people may not know about, but we do have it, we have explained it to him through a broker in Mexico, it depends on whether Mr. Musk says likes Mazatlán or the other side, It is not easy because when these people come they go to the consolidated parks, but as if we have different things, we are there,” he said.

The co-founder of the Aerospace Park added that there is still a way to go with the project, since in the annual reports of the industrial sector in Mexico, Sinaloa does not appear on the industrial, logistical map, not even as a place for the aeronautical industry, but little by little it is being achieved.

For phase 2, in that goes the construction of the Aerospace

Regarding the progress of the park, the Spanish businessman said that the first phase is about to finish and that phase two grew according to the demand of the types of aircraft that will arrive and that now, they will have a 4-kilometer runway.

“We have consolidated the operation that will attract large maintenance and repair companies, which forces us to speed up phase 2, we had projected an 80-meter airstrip that we are going to change to a 4-kilometer runway,” he added.

Also, he announced that they already have an agreement with different universities in Sinaloa and Mexico, since what they are going to need is specialized labor in industry and logistics.

Source: Punto.mx