Local deputies listen to proposals for the economic development of Mazatlan


Legislators meet with businessmen from the port in the event “Legislative Dialogue with business organizations and productive sectors”

Mazatlán, Sin.- To listen to the proposals to strengthen the economic development of Mazatlán, local businessmen and deputies held the meeting “Legislative Dialogue with Business Organizations and Productive Sectors”, which took place at the Convention Center.

Present at the meeting were legislators Ambrosio Chávez Chávez, Marco Antonio Zazueta Zazueta, Cecilia Covarrubias, Juan Carlos Patrón and Alma Rosa Garzón; each of them presented their recent participation in the Congress and listened to the requests of the productive sectors.

Roberto Lem González, president of CANACO SERVYTUR Mazatlán, stressed that the more than 15,000 affiliated members of the chamber depend on tourism directly and indirectly.

He added that this tourist destination requires a road improvement plan due to the generation of traffic at peak hours in tourist spots, since there are no spaces for vehicular discharge.

José Ramón Manguart, president of the Tres Islas Hotel and Motel Association, asked the deputies to assess the regularization of domestic or application-type vacation rentals, since there are approximately 6,000 providers of this service and it is unfair competition for hoteliers.

He stressed that it is also necessary to create the Office of Congresses and Conventions, in addition to the ordering of the beaches.

For his part, Juan Antonio Lizárraga Rivera, president of the Local Livestock Association of Mazatlán, said that the prices of milk and cattle do not allow for a profitable profit for producers.

Roberto Osuna Valdez, general secretary of the National Gastronomic Council of Mazatlán, pointed out as a bomb the problem of drainage and roads, lacking a plan for the deputies to support the Mayor of the port to give the best face to tourism.

Referring to rural tourist corridors, such as the El Habal-La Noria section, he commented that it is urgent to rehabilitate the roads. He also created a joint agenda between the Sinaloa Ministry of Tourism and the SEDECTUR.

Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, general secretary of CONCANACO SERVYTUR México, detailed each of the points addressed by the interventions of the local deputies invited to this event.

He qualified the issue of formality as relevant, as it has a direct line in favor of the livestock, tourism and agriculture sectors.

Pointing out the issue of roads, he commented that the number of vehicles in Mazatlán grew 14.5 percent from 2021 to 2022 and said that it is urgent to have more roads to avoid traffic jams and keep pace with urban growth.

“Let’s go by parts” Progress in the rural area will not stop, says the mayor of Mazatlán.

To this he added the work that the real estate sector has, because there are more tourists who come to invest in the purchase of properties.

He pointed out the issue of regulatory reform where it has grown in other states of the Republic but not in Sinaloa, mentioning that not all procedures can be done virtually such as construction licenses, For example.

If you want to be at the level of competitiveness in convention tourism like in Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey, the Office of Congresses and Conventions is urgent, he stressed.

Source: Linea Directa