This is the reason why Mazatlán stopped being the Capital of Sinaloa


It is recorded that the port of Mazatlán was the capital of Sinaloa in 1859 and 1870

MAZATLAN. – For many years Mazatlán was the main city of Sinaloa, due to its economic development, and it even achieved the distinction of being the State Capital on several occasions, but there were some factors that made it stop being so.

The first time that Mazatlán was the Capital of Sinaloa was in 1859, the second and last time was in 1870, until Culiacán was definitively designated the seat of state powers in 1873.

We know that generally the most important cities of each state absorb, due to their prominence, the headquarters of the Executive and Legislative powers, however, there are cities that concentrate more prominence due to their economic development or because they are tourists, such is the case of Mazatlán.

In 16th century a Viceroyalty agreement called “Ordinances of the King”, which indicated that English pirates could take the ports of the coast, however, the powers would be located inland to prevent pirates from taking over completely the powers.

In the same way, it is presumed that when the Mexican Empire was established by Agustín de Iturbide, it was clarified that no port would be a capital, and this extended to cases such as Texas or California that do not have a port capital.

Now, surely you are wondering why Mazatlán was the capital on several occasions if there was already a decree that forced the ports not to be capital. This was due in large part to the fact that a military barracks and merchants were concentrated in Mazatlán who, taking advantage of the situation, bribed them to carry out smuggling activities and tax exemptions.

Veracruz, for example, was the capital of the Republic in 1860, during the Reform Wars, by decision of President Benito Juárez. And in the case of Tampico, it was the capital of Tamaulipas on three occasions.

In Mexico, the only state capital under this condition is La Paz, in Baja California Sur.

Worldwide, the only capital with a view of the sea is Lima