There are few rooms left to receive visitors this New Year in Mazatlan


The president of the Association of Hotels “3 Islands” reported that since last weekend, at Christmas, the occupations were approximately 95 to 100 percent in all hotels in the destination.

MAZATLAN. – If you have a family that is planning to visit Mazatlán to spend the New Year, let them know that there are still rooms available, but be careful, only a few, because the expectation for this weekend will be at 100 percent hotel occupancy.

The president of the “3 Islas” Hotel Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, mentioned that as of this Thursday occupancy levels will exceed 90 percent, since the behavior of tourists is like this, last week, from that same day The tourist began to arrive and achieve a 100 percent in Christmas.

“Starting Thursday we are going to be at occupancy levels of 90 percent or above, normally we are around 95 or 100 percent,” he declared.

We could notice it as locals, areas like Zona Dorada, the malecon, the beaches, restaurants and the downtown area had a large influx of tourists, both national and foreign, especially with the arrival of cruise ships on both December 24 and 25.

Tourist tour buses circulated through emblematic areas, photo booths with lines for people to take their postcards, such as the letters of “Mazatlán” that are on Avenida del Mar, the Mazatlán Aquarium with long lines waiting to learn about marine life, and many other attractions.


Manguart Sánchez pointed out that the opportunity to reserve can be directly with the or with the formal travel agencies of their choice, since they know the reservation mechanism, and it is also a sure way to avoid falling into fraud.

“I don’t want to sound like we are already at 100 because sometimes it can be misinterpreted that there are no spaces and yes there are still, there aren’t many, but people can continue to book directly with the hotel or through the agency of their choice”, he said.

The last cruise of 2022 Although cruise arrivals are not scheduled for December 31, all this week, per day, at least one cruise ship arrived, from Monday to Thursday. This is the Celebrity Solstice, from the Carnival Cruise Line, which will enter the navigation channel in the early hours of Thursday, allowing passengers to circulate through Mazatlán or rural areas throughout the day to leave at sunset.