Al Dente is a 100% Mazatleca online home delivery platform


Created by the Mazatleco, Irving Ortega, the Al Dente home delivery online platform, has become in the last two months the intermediary between 90 restaurants of different specialties and Mazatlan residents. In the midst of the pandemic, even consumption habits have had to be changed.

As people have more access to the Internet, online shopping increases and a path is open to acquiring a great diversity of products, including services, which were traditionally bought in stores.

The health contingency of the Covid-19 has caused consumption habits to change, electronic commerce registers increasing numbers, especially the foodservice, which has gained a greater participation and which has caused citizens to find other alternatives to those they were used to.

Three and a half years ago, Irvin Ortega started from scratch and without much experience, however, in the last three months his application has established itself in the Mazatlecos “top of mind”, and now he seeks to attract more users and grow.

The local platform started with 60 restaurants, and regardless of the competition from international applications that already operate in the city, such as Uber Eats and Rappi, it has positioned itself locally during this Covid-19 health contingency.

One of the great challenges of the gastronomic sector is the incorporation of technology. This type of application improves work systems using technology, little by little social networks and apps gain more popularity and become more needful.

Source: OEM

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