This is how the chemical burned, in the burning of the bad humor at the carnival of Mazatlán


Mazatlán, Sinaloa, February 18, 2023.- At the cry of Burn it, burn it! in the middle of a great popular festival, “El Alquimista” burned in the traditional Burning of Bad Humor, which marked the beginning of the third night of the Mazatlán International Carnival 2023 “Déjà vu 125 years of tradition”.

For earning the repudiation of society as a result of his actions, the Bolshevik committee decided to burn him at the bonfire.

The puppet was accompanied by a small group of executioners, and a Sinaloan band that unleashed a popular party through the main streets of the port of Mazatlán.

At about 8:00 p.m., the first firecracker that marked the beginning of the walk at the intersection of Ignacio Zaragoza and Aquiles Serdán streets, to turn towards Mariano Escobedo Street until reaching Olas Altas, where quickly the cheerful musical notes, and the noise in the sky caught the attention of dozens of people who joined the unique walk.

People of all ages danced, took photos, shouted at the puppet, expressing contempt and anger for the reasons that the Bolsheviks proclaimed, and thus little by little they unleashed their fury, which ended in applause and joy, then the puppet went up in flames in front of the popular Venadito, iconic monument of Olas Altas and representative of the city.

With the security measures, rescuers completely extinguished the puppet and collected the debris that fell, leaving the space clean for the thousands of dancers who were enjoying a young carnival night.

The puppet was built by the team of architect José Ángel Trujillo, while the fireworks experts added two kilos of material to make this traditional moment fun.

Source: Punto y coma Noticias