Due to lack of planning, there are doubts and inconveniences about the preferential lane


The removal of taxi seats, parking lots and how the U-turns will be on some intersections has not been taken into account.

Mazatlán, Sin.- While the preferential lane project for urban transport continues to advance, there are still many doubts and discomfort, not only among merchants, but also with other transportation sectors and even with private drivers.

The leader of the Cooperativa de Pulmonías, Mariano Ortega Vizcarra, pointed out that there is a lack of planning on the operation of this lane that has the objective of reducing road congestion and reducing transfer times for public transportation users, but they have been left outside other issues such as removing taxi seats and U-turns on intersections.

“We need to talk about it, raise awareness and see how we are going to operate, this inconvenience that is being generated and it will continue to be generated is precisely due to the lack of planning, that is why we are requesting a meeting with the Transit commander to know how we are going to operate in those places,” he said.

He added that in some points, such as the IMSS facilities, it seems that a change in the direction of the road that goes around this building is going to be implemented to solve the issue with the taxi drivers.

“It has not been said what will happen with the turns at the traffic lights, for example, you arrive at the UAS traffic light and if you want to turn towards the Aquarium, I don’t know if you are going to stop at the traffic light and you are going to let pass all the trucks, but you are going to stop traffic, no comment has been made about it.” he added.

The authorities said that the pollution will be reduce with a preferential lane. There are many doubts, he added, which he hopes it will be cleared up as the project progresses.

Ortega Vizcarra mentioned that in a particular way he has insisted that it is necessary to have more traffic agents in the city to solve the issue of mobility.

“It is very important that we have more traffic agents and we still do not see clearly the intention of the government that they may have these elements,” he mentioned.

One suggestion that has been made, he indicated, is that if there are no elements in the academy under training, assistants need to be hired with  the sole function of facilitating traffic on the main avenues.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan