Mazatlán will reduce pollution with a preferential lane


The president of the Buses Alliance points out that they will also save time in transportation and fuel

Mazatlán, Sin.- With the preferential lane for public transportation that will be implemented in Mazatlán along Ejército Mexicano avenue, pollution will decrease, the units will save fuel and users will arrive earlier at their destinations.

The president of the Urban Buses Alliance, Faustino Mejía Chávez, explained that the project is advancing and in conjunction with the municipal government it will be possible to improve roads and mobility, in addition to avoiding accidents and considerable fuel savings.

He explained that according to his calculations, in the flow of the 505 buses are more than 1,400 round trips that the vehicles make, from 5:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night, it will takes more than 15 minutes to turn around and they make up to six round trips a day.

“Therefore, pollution to the environment decreases, since the buses will save up to 90 minutes for the 1,400 trips,” he said.

He added that another of the benefits is that emergency care would be expedited, for example, an ambulance, a fire unit, will have a lane available where they will circulate faster, especially at peak hours.

Mejía Chávez commented that users will also benefit because they will arrive at their destinations earlier and operators will have less stress due to the savings, they will have on each return trip.

“Who is not going to agree to save you more time, that you are not stopping every time, that you are not in an accident, with a crash, that a vehicle that is stuck there gets in the way, I think it is a great benefit for everyone” he expressed.

The first stage of the preferential lane will be on Ejército Mexicano avenue, in the section between Insurgentes and Gutiérrez Nájera.

Last Wednesday, the municipal Public Works department began painting to delimit the preferential lane to socialize with the users of this important road this project.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan