Mango trees recover flowering period in Southern Sinaloa


Producers have good expectations for this season; farmers expect the first harvests for the month of May.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mango producers in southern Sinaloa have good expectations for this season since flowering began in December and the first varieties are expected to be ready to harvest in May.

The producer Porfirio Salas Castillo stated that the flowering in the orchards of Escuinapa began on time, however, they are concerned that they could be affected by a frost that occurs in the region.

We expect a good season, however, we are uncertain that the temperatures will drop below 10 degrees and affect the flowering of the plants, which require cold and heat to flower properly,” he said.

He commented that after several years, the plants recovered their flowering period in December, because in recent years the cycle was delayed, starting at the end of January and February, with harvests in June.

Castillo Salas indicated that the dams are full of water to irrigate 1,200 hectares in Escuinapa, although the rest of the 3,000 hectares are rainfed.

Previous mango season in Sinaloa

During last year’s mango season, things went well at first, with the Kent, Ataulfo ​​, and Tommy varieties of fruit reaching a price of up to 8 pesos per kilo.

The Manguero stated that the previous season was good, with a production of more than 100,000 tons and that in 2023 at least the same amount is expected.

“That is, half of the harvest very well, the other half was selling for 3 and 4 pesos per kilo and that’s how we finished the harvest, which in general terms was good in quality, quantity, and price,” Castillo Salas concluded.

Source: OEM