Mango reaches prices like never before in Escuinapa


Mango production begins with good prices for Escuinapa producers, who hope to get out of the bad streak 

ESCUINAPA. – The mango production season in the southern part of Sinaloa has had a favorable start due to the good prices of the product, as announced by the president of the CNC in Escuinapa, Rogelio Padilla Salcido.  

Varieties such as Kent, Keith, Ataulfo, Tammy and Manila are the fruits that Europeans like.

He indicated that the sector this year has achieved prices that had never been seen, due to the variety of mangoes such as ataulfo, whose prices range between 8.00 and 9.00 pesos, being the best year in a long time.  

Padilla Salcido said that another of the varieties of mango that is being cut is the Haden, which is being paid between 5.00 and 7.00 pesos, which is considered good prices for all producers.  

“Last year it did not exceed two pesos and two pesos and fifty cents, a maximum of three pesos, right now the minimum price has been five pesos, depending on the quality of the mango,” he said.  

Good season for mango growers in the region.

The leader commented that it is also necessary that the producers remain firm in selling the product at a good price, so that they can obtain good dividends all of them in the sales. 

“It is important that people do not give up, this is the year of the mango producer, it is the year of looking to sell to people, that they pay us, because there are people who do not pay, they promise you good prices, but they end up not paying,” he pointed.  

Lastly, he added that they hope that the good prices will be able to remain stable throughout the season, so that the producers can recover the expenses they make and in turn pay off the debts they have had for two years.  

The Mazatlan Post