Mazatlán restaurants register 30% in personnel deficit


Canirac’s secretary pointed out that workers emigrate to other states where salaries are higher

Mazatlán, Sin.- For several years the restaurant sector of Mazatlán has had a staff deficit of 30 percent, assured Óscar Palacios Gómez.

The secretary of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry of Mazatlán stated that this phenomenon has worsened in the last year due to the leaving of qualified workers to other states or tourist destinations such as Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and to Cancun.

Palacios Gomez commented that the problem has been occurring for about four years because they are offered a salary that is double or triple what they receive in Mazatlán, because of this, actions have been taken to improve working conditions.

“It is a problem that has been accentuated over the years and right now we are experiencing it, I think I can say that, in its most critical stage, there are no qualified personnel, sometimes we have workers, but they are not qualified, Well, it affects more than helps the offer of services, and yes we are battling, well they are going to other destinations,” Palacios Gomez said.

He pointed out that as a chamber they are always in favor of labor issues, benefits and that this part is being addressed to retain workers.

Staff training

Palacios Gómez added that the support of the authority will be sought, so that the capacitation of the people is carried out, as well as joining efforts in the formation of a gastronomy school capable of certifying, teaching and providing a qualified help for the local restaurant industry. .

The former president of Canirac also highlighted as something positive that Sinaloan gastronomy is exploring into other states of the Republic, to open new restaurants of Mazatlan brands.

Source: El sol de Mazatlan