On alert! Sinaloa takes measures against possible cases of meningitis


The Secretary of Health, Cuitláhuac González Galindo, points out that public hospitals are prepared for possible cases of meningitis

MAZATLÁN.- The Secretary of Health Cuitláhuac González Galindo confirmed that Sinaloa entered a state of alert to prevent and detect possible cases of meningitis, this after the unfortunate cases of deaths that have been registered in Durango women. 

He explained that at the moment no cases of this disease have been detected in both private and public hospitals in the state, which has already been confirmed to be caused by a fungus. 

“We are not claiming victory, we have not had cases of meningitis, but we are on alert, it was even said that a patient had escaped from Durango, we have already looked for him in Sinaloa and he is not there, we have been very attentive in hospitals.” 

Let us remember that deaths from meningitis occurred in 23 women with a common denominator of having recently given birth in 4 private hospitals. 

The official information that has been provided is that the disease was inoculated in health centers due to a fungus present in a batch of bupivacaine, a local anesthetic used to place the ‘raquia’.  

The manufacturers of the medicine, the Mexican pharmaceutical company Pisa, distribute it to almost the entire continent, so from the beginning, the experts ruled out that the antidote had been infected since its production. Instead, they point to misuse in clinics. 

“It is not known exactly where it came from, it may have already been distributed in the hospital and they agree that there were 4 private hospitals and private hospitals have different management than public hospitals.” 

Is Sinaloa ready? 

Treatment for meningitis can be very expensive, it is even said that it can cost more than 120,000 pesos and in this situation, González Galindo pointed out that the Ministry of Health is prepared to care for possible patients. 

At the moment, the preventive action was to stop and keep in isolation the batches of this medicine that arrived in Sinaloa. 

Source: punto.mx

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