Voracious charge by the CFE for public lighting in Mazatlán


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- At the recent inauguration of work in the Azteca neighborhood in Mazatlán, the mayor, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, revealed that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) charges him approximately 9 million pesos.

The first Mazatlan mayor said that the fee charged by the CFE is every month and this is considered a voracious charge by the parastatal, since (…) Whether the lights are off or not, the charge is the same.

González Zataráin clarified that although many luminaires do not work or only the pole is there but without lights, consumption is charged because there is no meter that indicates that the consumption of light is high or low, depending on the number of lamps that work or not, so the charge is even and without consideration.

“Did you know that the Federal Electricity Commission charges us 9 million pesos a month, on average, for public lighting, whether they are on or not, it is not a measurement, there is no meter, it is done per unit, it is I mean, we have thirty thousand lights and I’ll round them up for you, some are 120 watts, so many are 100 and I’ll give you the bill, turned on or not, we’re paying for that consumption and that’s a crime, because we’re wasting the resource,” he commented. .

Finally, the mayor said that if the CFE is charging per lamp unit, the most viable is to work on the installation of all the lamps in the city.

Source: sinaloahoy.com.mx

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