Why has a Body been left hanging from a Mazatlan CFE post?


The place is guarded by CFE employees; The call to society is for it to know the purpose of the site and not to create alerts between emergency and security bodies, indicated the Fire Department.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The mannequin that was caught hanging Thursday afternoon on a power pole in the area of ​​the Rincón de las Plazas subdivision in Mazatlán, was not put on to play a joke, reported elements of the Mazatlán Fire Department who attended to the place. 

The second commander of the Mazatlán Fire Department, Saúl Robles Chávez, stressed that the place is a substation, which in turn serves as a training ground for the staff of the Federal Electricity Commission ( CFE),  for the rescue of people who suffer electric shocks in high tension cables.

Robles Chávez said that the place is federal property and has a closed surveillance circuit, in addition to personnel touring the site to prevent the entry of third parties. 

The second commander of the Mazatlán Fire Department released the information so that society is aware of the purpose of the doll in the heights, also so that the mobilization of the emergency and security forces is not generated again, emphasizing that the place is an entertainment center.

This is how what first caused an alert when thinking that it was a person being electrocuted, and then believing that it was the product of a joke, it has finally been confirmed that in reality everything was premeditated by CFE workers,  but for their training in the handling of people electrocuted by high-voltage cables. 

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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