Sinaloa Secretary of Health reports an increase in influenza cases


The Secretary of Health, Cuitláhuac González Galindo, informed that there are enough permanent vaccines against influenza and house-to-house vaccination will be proposed.

MAZATLAN. – Respiratory infection diseases are increasing in Sinaloa, specifically that of influenza, but the Secretary of Health, Cuitláhuac González Galindo, reported that the situation is common for the season and is controlled.  

He mentioned that the increase in cases is normal, due to climate changes and that, for the most part, there are sub-diagnoses that make the disease worsen, which, at the national level, does not represent a risk for the state.  

“Fortunately we have not had such a severe impact on the disease because we have a vaccinated population… If there is an increase, we have been diagnosed with 500 influenza infections, if there is going to be an increase, but it is part of the season, the issue is under control” he declared.  

According to the Weekly Report for Epidemiological Surveillance of Influenza 2022, in its report for week 45, Sinaloa had 750 cases, of which 26 were positive, representing 3.6 percent nationwide.  

In the country, 1,163 positive cases have been confirmed, Nuevo León has the first place representing 20 percent with 240 positive cases; It is followed by Colima with 126 cases, representing 10 percent; Querétaro represents 8 percent with 102; Puebla 6 percent with 71 and Mexico City 5 percent, with 60 cases.  

González Galindo pointed out that the vaccination campaign in Sinaloa has been strong, with more than 400,000 people vaccinated and that, soon, it will be expanded house by house to cover the population that cannot be vaccinated in health centers or in the streets.  

“Such brigades have been created, we are going to be aware of having the necessary conditions to implement them. We are going to raise it with the vaccination brigade, but count on it, on the contrary, what we want is for the vaccine to reach everyone, ”he said. 

The state official indicated that it is necessary to go to the doctor and not let the symptoms go by, no matter how common they may seem; He commented that many positive cases have arrived thinking it is Covid, but in the results it is influenza.  

He added that there are many vaccines and that the population should go to get it when they have the opportunity; The Mexican Institute of Social Security is going to different companies so that collaborators are vaccinated in their workplaces and cover the largest number of the population.  

And children? 

González Galindo expressed that they have already been vaccinated, both for influenza and for Covid-19 and ruled out risk cases in the ranges from 5 to 11 years of age.  

“We have no report. In the case of children, we have not had any rebound in the arrival of respiratory infections at the Pediatric Hospital, the Pediatric Hospital has been providing fairly good care, of a good level, we bring a 90 percent supply of medicines, “he said.  

They meet to talk about Oncoplastic Surgery 

The Secretary of Health visited Mazatlán to be present at the Second International Course on Oncoplastic Surgery for Breast Cancer, where various points of view were exchanged on the matter and how doctors function as an important communication channel to cope with this pathology.  

At the inauguration, the state official remarked that these courses and forums are of great value because it demonstrates the interest of specialists in further training and better quality care for their patients.  

The courses began on November 15 and will end on the 18th. Among the invited professors are Juan Enrique Bargallo Rocha, Juan Carlos Cantón Romero, Benigno Acea Negril and Eduaardo Barragán Curiel.

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