Building the Foundations of Academic Integrity and Ethics in Mexico


Corruption and dishonesty are two of the problems that still exist in our societies. Whether it is about the USA, European countries, or Mexico, they are still very present in today’s world. Which can make many people lose hope in society and our evolution as humans. Because if we cannot respect the works of other people and we only want to steal them, how are we going to evolve?

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Academic ethics is essential as when you get an education, you prepare for your future career and life. You expand your knowledge but also build skills that are crucial for what follows after graduation and not only. Why is academic honesty important, you might ask yourself. Can academic dishonesty affect your career and integrity in the workplace? How can you build the foundations of academic integrity and ethics in Mexico? Find out below. 

Corruption and Integrity 

When you hear these two words, you mainly think about the politicians or the company owners who are corrupt and just want to steal people’s money. And indeed, the media gives so much attention to them as they are the ones leading the countries and advocating for changes in the law systems that might allow them to steal even more. There are some countries where the level of corruption is so high that people might have lost hope that it will get even better. Corruption and loss of integrity exist in every country, not only in Mexico. But very few media agencies and newspapers take a look into what private people do. Into the corruption and integrity of people that are not public personas. And it is understandable why. But we should talk more about corruption and integrity in the educational environment too. 

This is a topic many students study in college, no matter the subjects they have chosen to deepen their knowledge on. Integrity in an academic setting is essential as it ensures the evolution and development of science, but also the students and researchers. Ethics is a hot topic within colleges and professors try to form a good moral compass in their students so that they will avoid corruption and loss of integrity in their careers. There are many ethics essay examples you can read as the samples are available to anyone. Writing ethics essays is what all students will have to do during their studies, which enables them to understand the topic more and its consequences for their workplace integrity and not only. 

Academic Integrity 

Academic integrity is essential in every country. A lot of studies have shown that students who plagiarize or copy during their exams are more prone to developing dishonest behaviors later in life. Displaying these behaviors only increases the corruption of a country, which affects its image in the entire world. Getting an education in college is everyone’s chance of building a better self who will work towards creating a better and fairer world. While getting an education, students should focus on extracting the best from this experience, whether it is about knowledge, skills, or perspectives on life. 

They have the chance to meet many new people, some that come from foreign countries so they can learn new things about themselves. Promoting academic integrity and ethics in Mexico should be done on many levels, starting from home and in college. Students should be focused on a good purpose, developing themselves and learning, not cheating on exams or plagiarizing. This is the time when they can develop their ethical perspective on life and, more importantly, on decision-making. 

Final Thoughts 

We often hear people speaking about corruption and integrity, but most media and newspapers only focus on politicians. Indeed, they are the ones leading our countries so it is crucial to be ethical persons with a good moral compass. However, we should take a look at what happens within the academic environment too. 

Students should be focused on extracting the best from the college experience, learning new things, expanding their knowledge, and honing skills that will help them in their future careers. During this time, they can develop a strong ethic when it comes to decision-making, a thing that will be of huge help in the future. This is when building the foundations of academic integrity and ethics in Mexico should take place.