3 Reasons To Hunt With A Bow And Arrow


Our ancestors used bows and arrows to hunt prey with lethal and calculated precision. They were very helpful tools and weapons back then and, as of today, nothing seems to have changed on that front! 

Bow hunting is coming back into style for many reasons in places all over the world. Take Mexico, for example. 

Here, long bows, compound bows, and recurves are now permitted for hunting activities all across the country during the hunting season. However, crossbows are only permitted in specific areas within the gun season.

With many hunters wanting to enhance their hunting skill set, it’s clear why going back to the basics of the bow is viewed as such a high priority! 

Archery hunting season is also much longer than a regular season, providing more opportunities to stalk smaller game and increase take with the help of one of the Best Bow Sight products on the market.

If you want to learn more, here are 3 reasons why you should consider hunting with a bow and arrow.

  1. It Is Much Safer

Granted, using any type of weapon while hunting can come with a set of risks. But using a bow and arrow is far more likely to keep you away from danger than putting you in its direct path.

Firearms are renowned for their ability to cause shoulder dislocation in hunters because they simply cannot sustain the force of the weapon’s recoil. Other hunters have reported incidents where they have accidentally touched the hot barrel of a gun after firing and have been left with burns on their hands.

Fortunately, neither of these things is an issue when hunting with a bow and arrow.

There may be situations where someone accidentally shoots themselves in the foot with a bow and arrow in a case of intentional misuse or an accident. However, this is an unheard-of scenario when it comes to the bow and arrow.

Small children are also much safer around a bow and arrow than a firearm, for example, as they will not be able to lift it. Even if small children can handle the bow and arrow, they’re not at immediate risk of injury as they will need to notch the arrow and know how to fire it.

  1. You Can Move About Without Detection

Once you have learned to deal with its weight, heaving a bow and arrow around is a pretty easy practice, all things considered.

This is mainly because bows tend to be relatively light which means there’s already a lot less physical stress on your shoulders or your arms when you decide to use them. Arrows are also very lightweight.

Overall, a bow and arrow can easily be moved. As a result, you can shoot a bow and arrow from just about any location (within reason, of course). 

Not only is it easier to move about but it’s also much quieter and stealthy. When you’re on a stealthy hunting mission with a rifle, even the highest-quality silencer will be loud compared to the near-silent twang of an arrow being fired from a bow.

Plus, the sound of a bow and arrow also doesn’t cause any disruption to the creatures surrounding you as gunfire would.

  1. It Can Be Pretty Cheap to Practice

In general, it’s a known fact that different types of firearms can be pretty expensive to buy. Factor in the cost of frequent repairs and maintenance (depending on your hunting schedule) and it could become a huge, unwanted dent in your wallet!

A bow and arrow, on the other hand, will work out to be significantly cheaper – especially for what you get for your money. Maintenance is far less expensive plus they have the potential to last you an entire lifetime. 

Arrows are also more affordable than buying bullets for a gun which means you’re also saving a lot of money in this particular area, especially if you hunt regularly. 

You could even put the money that you save by using a bow and arrow into ensuring that you have the right sort of hunting attire!

If you love to go hunting but do not have the funds to buy yourself a gun outright, a bow and arrow is a great option.


If you’re an avid hunter, we hope you now understand the three main benefits of using a bow and arrow to hunt instead of a traditional hunting rifle. Aside from causing less physical strain to your body, it’ll also help you to sharpen your aim at the precise moment it is needed.

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