Where Do People Keep Their Pajamas?


It’s no secret that sleepwear is one of the world’s largest and most beloved industries.

To put it simply, pajamas are the epitome of comfort and the key to ultimate relaxation. They are known by many names such as “pigiama” in Italy and “mameluco” in Mexico and serve many purposes.

Fortunately, it’s pretty straightforward to find a place to store your pajama sets in your home. Lots of pajamas can easily be folded and tucked away into a drawer or a hidden corner of a room, and only disturbed when it’s time to choose a new pair to wear to bed. Some pajama clothing is effortlessly luxurious. It has both the style and the comfort you need for a night garment. Garments from Hayden Hill are top-tier. It stays elegant even if you store or hide it away.

Yet some pajama fabrics can take up considerably more room than others – especially thicker pajamas during the winter months – which means you may need to consider alternative storage options at different times of the year.

If you don’t know where people keep their pajamas, this guide will be a big help. Here are some of the most common locations where people tend to keep their pajamas.

Inside A Dresser Drawer

Pajamas don’t typically take up a huge amount of space which means they can fit comfortably into a dresser drawer. 

If you have a nightstand that has some drawers, it might be the perfect storage space for your pajamas. Plus, it’ll save you some room as you won’t need to invest in other forms of storage elsewhere in your room.

Or, if you have a clothing chest located elsewhere in your room or closet, you may want to clear some space and use one of the drawers to store your softest pajamas.

In A Drawer Organizer

If you have bigger drawers available, you may want to use an organizer when storing your pajamas inside. This provides a proper location for your pajamas but means you don’t need to worry about them becoming wrinkled while they are sitting in the drawer.

You also have much better visibility of all the stored items so you don’t need to think about having to rummage through your drawers to find the item you are looking for.

Under A Pillow

Some people prefer to keep their in-use pajamas underneath the pillows on their beds. Logically, this makes a lot of sense considering pajamas are a type of attire that is worn only in bed.

Not only does this save some storage space but it’s also convenient for when you have to get re-dressed at nighttime! Keeping pajamas under a pillow also means that you aren’t at any risk of mixing clean pajamas with those you have recently worn.

On A Command Hook

If it’s convenient storage you’re after, look no further than the command hook! These items can be very handy for storing your house robe but may also prove to be an effective way to keep your pajamas.

Command hooks are especially useful if you do not wish to fold your pajamas and put them back into your closet until the next time you need to wear them.

In A Closet

Arguably the most straightforward location to keep your pajamas is in your closet. Here, you can choose to hang them up according to color or material, fold them and place them onto shelves, or even separate them according to the season.

Keeping pajamas in a closet is an easy way to free up some space in your room without having to add new furniture or drastically change the appearance of your space.

A Lidded Basket

Many people tend to have some sort of storage basket or box in the bedroom. These are convenient and easy-to-access locations where you can store general items that don’t have any other convenient storage spaces, or pajamas.

You can keep your pajamas neatly tucked away during the day in a lidded basket. Not only does this reduce the clutter in your room but it also means your pajamas are easily accessible the next time you want to wear them.

You might need to invest in a larger basket depending on the size of your pajamas, and the size of your family, but these are generally quite low-cost.

In A Heap 

Some people do tend to keep (or dump) their pajamas in heaps on the floor and hope for the best. We understand the convenience of doing this — especially if you are in a rush to get to work or school in the morning.

However, we wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you want the fabric of your pajamas to be permanently wrinkled.


You can keep your pajamas in whatever way you see fit. However, we’d strongly recommend figuring out a way to store them out of sight so that they do not take up space during the day. Plus, it’ll keep your room looking much cleaner!

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