INAH approves construction of new 12-story tower on Olas Altas


The matter is now the responsibility of the municipal authority, the National Institute of Anthropology and History affirmed that they gave approval as the land is on the border of the area of ​​historical monuments and nearby there are already other tall buildings

Mazatlan, Sinaloa (Informational Reaction) .- During the second week of 2019 real estate entrepreneur Carlos Rivera Vega expressed his desire to create a 12-level condominium building on Paseo Olas Altas Avenue, but due to a problem with a law firm , involved the mayor of Mazatlan and asked for “help” to make it viable. However, after two days the mayor left the problem between the employer and the lawyers, arguing irregularities that did not allow the execution of such work.

“Because said property is located within the polygon declared as an area of ​​historical monuments and after a review of the administrative file, it was determined that it can not be executed, because in that area the urban profile is one and two levels of height, so that we can preserve the archaeological, artistic and historical heritage of Mazatlan, “said Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, municipal president, as one of the reasons for not allowing this construction.

However, with the visit to the port of the delegate of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), Francisco Ríos Avendaño, he reaffirmed that said project has its construction permit in the limit of the area of ​​historical monuments, so it does have feasibility of being built, but its now up to the municipality.

“It is a contemporary construction on land that is not a historical monument, which is on the edge of the area of ​​historical monuments, which overlooks the boardwalk and which is in the same block as other high-rise buildings, such as the Freeman Hotel. , and a few blocks from the building of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, “he explained.


So what the builder says that it can be 12 levels, without exceeding 14 of the hotel that is there, is it valid then ?, he was questioned.

“Yes, it is already a function of the determination of the municipal authority,” said Ríos Avendaño, adding that approval was given for the building to be 12 levels.

Ríos Avendaño acknowledged that said approval was issued during 2018 and that the permit is still valid from the Institute for the land located on the corner of Sixto Osuna with Paseo Olas Altas.

Source: reaccion informativa

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