Call to use the correct helmets to motorcyclists in Mazatlan


Municipal Transit seeks to reduce motorcyclist accidents

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Faced with events that have risen in severity, the municipal transit directorate urges motorcycle drivers to use the right helmets.

Luis Gerardo Enciso, deputy director, said that 37 infringements have been raised regarding the incorrect use or lack of this security device .

These are regrettable events, we already had a death, although we also have to see the circumstances of the events. What happens is that they fall into excess and abuse, although there are delimitations.

Luis Gerardo Enciso, deputy director.

Around this situation, the authorities of the Secretariat of Public Safety, Roads and Transportation, DIF System, businessmen and the Human Rights office in the southern area of ​​the state, held a meeting in order to work together to reduce the number of accidents.

It was agreed to work together in preventive campaigns to raise awareness among the population about the proper use of motorcycles, pedestrian crossings, respect for spaces intended for parking for people with disabilities or mobility problems, not using a cell phone while driving a car. vehicle, as well as avoid driving in an alcoholic state.

It was established that with the entry into force of the new mobility law, the cost of the fines will be increased, as well as the cancellation of the driver’s license, to people who reoffend in parking places destined for people with a disability or mobility problems.

In the act was also present the head of the regional office south area of ​​the State Commission of Human Rights, Fermín Nuñez Millán; the coordinator of Road Education in the southern zone, Roberto Jaime; the Procurator for the Defense of Minors, Women and the Family, Alejandra García Jáuregui; the motorcyclist businessman, César Gerónimo Vega, as well as officials of the Municipal Police.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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