Mazatlan mayor says 95% of those he fired were corrupt officials


The mayor pointed out that he will not overlap anyone in his administration.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- All those who have left the municipal administration, we have fired, 95 percent were corrupt, said the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Torres Benitez.

“Even if they get angry, it is reality,” he stressed.

– Are there still people, Mayor?

” Surely yes, but as long as I have no evidence I cannot do anything, every time I have a test, they leave, for example, today I gave instructions for a worker who has repeated to get on the yellow line, we must be the ones who put the example in the city, “he said.

The mayor said that later it will be known who those people are nobody important he says; he recalled that on Saturday they told him about another official who had his car on the yellow line, so he told them to tow it away.

He indicated that we must be even since justice is equal for everyone and will not benefit public officials.

The municipal president described corruption as a monster, where the municipal administration does not escape, where it has not been easy to “exterminate” them, but still, they are making an effort to change things.


The Mazatlan Post