In the crosshairs of Mazatlan authorities, public transport lowers the music


With a firm hand, Roads and Transportation ensure it will maintain the regulation in transportation in terms of bringing the stereo volume moderate.

MAZATLAN. – On December 2, the Anti-noise Operation was launched by the Roads and Transportation Delegation in Mazatlán, where some adjustments had to be made to move forward with the road regulations and thus avoid environmental contamination by noise, reported Mario Rafael González Sánchez.  

He stressed that Article 392 of the Sinaloa State Mobility Law is the one that establishes avoiding environmental noise, the actions began with awareness-raising work, in addition to replacing a total of 14 inspectors. 

“We are grateful because the work is being accomplished, but the complaints are also important. If you have a video of an operator that violates the Highway Act, record it and send it to take action on the matter,” said González Sánchez. 

He said that when he receives the complaint, he always talks to the operator, he is shown the video of the complaint, he has explained the responsibility he has as a public transport driver since it is important to make the operator aware at all times.  

The official said that they have the support of the municipal Police and Transit, in passing thanked the municipal president for the support to bring the entire operation to fruition with a joint effort. 

“I have arrived a month, and this month we have achieved presence on the boardwalk, they immediately observe us among the drivers, when they see us in the operation, it is not normal because it is rare for a delegate to walk there,” he said. 

The idea of ​​the operation is to raise awareness, and above all to avoid discomfort in foreign residents and visitors specifically in the Historic Center, although it is already applied throughout Mazatlán, where public transport must circulate with a moderate volume. 

13 inspectors participate in the Anti-noise Operation, who are tasked with ensuring people’s tranquility and avoiding excessive noise in public transport units. 


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