Mazatlan will be visited by ‘royalty’ in 2023


Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres reported that the sporting event will take place in June 2023.

MAZATLAN. – Kings and princes in Mazatlan? Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that the port will host an international Taekwondo event in June 2023, which will bring together royal authorities and royalty from Europe.

He explained that he has already received the directors of important and prestigious sports institutions to close the deal so that Mazatlán is the meeting point and thus continue promoting the port as one of the best destinations in Mexico and Latin America.

“It will be the world meeting, and I did not know that those who organize it in the world and in Europe, which is where this event is always held, are generally always princes and of a very high monarchy level, and many principles and kings come”.

The municipal president confirmed that the event will be attended by people from more than 160 countries, which means that Mazatlan will be in the eyes of the world once again, referring to the participation of Carnival in the Grand Prix of Mexico.

“It is a promotion for Mazatlan, that people who never come, and they had no idea what Mazatlán was, or that it existed, at least they will know about it because we are going to be the center of attention in the world of sports at that time” .

Due to the number of people who come, they promised to help them with everything they need since they require three alternate places for the event.

The Mazatlan Post