Mazatlan will have Municipal Coordinator for Attention of the LGBT+ Population 


Coordination that seeks to be a tool to guarantee the rights of people with the aim of unifying the struggle of the LGBT community in Mazatlan, but from the town hall.

MAZATLAN. – Councilor Paulina Sarahí Heredia Osuna, coordinator of the Gender and Family Equity Commission, is seeking the creation of the Municipal Coordination of Attention to the LGBT+ Population in Mazatlán.  

As well as offering a safe space for the people of this community to get closer and have valid information to face the difficulties they may encounter, especially in their personal relationships. 

“We are considering creating this coordination so that it is a tool that the community has in the municipality to seek management, to find solutions to the problems that they could have of discrimination and they can approach to request help.”  

What is needed for its formation?  

According to Heredia Osuna, the project is in planning and once finished it will be passed to the Cabildo for approval; If created, this municipal coordination would be the first to exist in the state of Sinaloa.  

Mazatlan Queer Destination  

The port is one of the 10 cities in Mexico that offers safe experiences to the LGBT+ community. This tourism has been increasing in recent years and travelers choose these destinations taking into account personal safety and confidence that they will be able to walk being themselves, without suffering discrimination.  

In this list are also the cities of Jalisco, Chihuahua, Morelos and Mexico City.


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