Unprecedented: 25 pesos per kilo of tortilla in the state of Sinaloa


The price of the tortilla reached 25 pesos per kilo in some regions of Sinaloa derived from the constant increases in inputs, argued the Federation of Industrialists of the Tortilla; the highest prices are found in Mazatlan.

The industrialists had anticipated this increase as of August 1, and according to reports in the different municipalities of the state, a kilo of tortilla is sold for 23 to 25 pesos.

The Union of Tortilleros of the South Zone authorized a price of 25 pesos for its members, while in the central zone it is sold for 24 pesos and in the north for 23 pesos, but not in a generalized way.

It is expected that, in the next few days, a kilo of tortilla could cost 25 pesos in most tortilla shops, and up to 26 pesos in the city of Los Mochis, to the north of the state.

Those who sell below those prices do so because they produce large quantities and that reduces costs, as in the case of supermarkets, but so do some “pirate” businesses, which are not associated with any Union of Tortilleros and do not pay taxes either. they said from the Federation of Industrialists.

Some establishments have reported that some people are no longer carrying full kilos; some buy 10, 15, or 20 pesos to be able to acquire the product, but in smaller quantities.

The justification of the industrialists to raise the cost is the increases in the price of inputs, mainly grain and fuel.

Source: Excelsior

The Mazatlan Post