Tourist saturate public transport in Mazatlan. These are the routes with the highest demand


With the large influx of people in the port, public transport services become saturated, especially at certain times

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Public transportation in Mazatlan is one of the main transportation options for locals, who travel through the different bus routes that run through the port every day, and even the buses reach their maximum capacity.

Occasionally, and being seasons in which tourism in Mazatlan is in great quantity, certain transport routes become saturated, causing the units not to stop at several stops until passengers have gotten off and there is space on the bus again.

“Well, it does affect, because we all have our defined times, and sometimes it happens that several trucks do not stop, and in that you already lose more than half an hour sometimes, if you are not in a hurry there is no problem, but when it does affect, “he assured Laura, passerby.

Among the bus routes with the greatest demand for tourism are mainly the Sábalo – Centro, since it is the one that runs through most of the tourist area and the center, the Gran Plaza, among others that lead to central points of the port, for which, especially in certain hours of the morning and afternoon, reach their maximum capacity.

“I think there are a lack of units, if they passed by a little more often, perhaps people would be able to cope, I also think that they should not saturate the trucks in that way, if they see that several people are already standing, then do not try to put more in” he added .

On the other hand, it is emphasized that this problem only happens when it is high season for tourism in Mazatlan, and sometimes during the so-called “peak hours”, in which citizens enter or leave work or school.


The Mazatlan Post