New public bathrooms on Mazatlan boardwalk and steps to Olas Altas beach, is it true?


They wait for MIA from Semarnat to make steps to the Olas Altas boardwalk

Roberto Terrones, from the Beach Operator, trusts that the federal agency will authorize the project to make the steps to that beach

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Administrator and Operator of Beaches (AOP) trusts that in the next few days Semarnat will authorize the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) that will allow them to build the steps of the boardwalk towards the Olas Altas area.

The director of the AOP, Roberto Terrones Cortés, recalled that currently there is a procedure presented before the federal agency, to which two previous projects have already been delivered, which were rejected.

“We have this last project in process, we have already published it in the Official Gazette of the State of Sinaloa and that process is well advanced. What happens is that Semarnat accepts the documentation of any project and answers you within 15 days where they take a period of 60 days to be able to deliver any opinion, whether positive or negative, “ explained the municipal official.

Terrones Cortés said that Semarnat is about to resolve them this June because they were given 60 business days to respond, so he trusted that as it is well presented and detailed, they have no impediment to being granted the Environmental Impact Statement. in favor of the Municipality.

He assured us that it is viable, so by having the Environmental Impact Statement, now it will be possible to build the steps to the Olas Altas Beach.

And regarding the construction of public restrooms along the entire coastal promenade, Terrones Cortés explained that they requested an opinion from the municipality’s Public Works so that the squares could be reused, maintained, and opened as restrooms.

“He gave us the Public Works opinion, and said that before Easter, only one could be rehabilitated, so the rest also need to be managed by Profepa and Semarnat so that the rehabilitation process begins, with that opinion we have the opportunity to start reactivating that rehabilitation”, commented the Director of the Beach Operator.

Terrones Cortés pointed out that only one of the squares was in a condition to be rehabilitated and in relation to the bathrooms, he reported that they are doing a study to see if it is possible to open two bathrooms that will give a good image for what the boardwalk represents.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres anticipated possible changes within the Administrator and Operator of Beaches, since the directors who have had, have not complied with taking out what he has asked of them, such as the steps to the Olas Altas beach, and putting bathrooms all over the boardwalk.

Terrones Cortés, said in this regard: ” Our Lord Mayor has the power to remove any public official, we should not feel attacked, on the contrary, we must always maintain our gratitude for the trust he gave us and has given us.”


The Mazatlan Post