What do the builders propose to reduce the traffic in Mazatlan? here are the details


Architects and engineers affiliated with the CMIC propose underpasses at certain strategic points

MAZATLÁN.- The Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry in Mazatlan is proposing overpasses and thus reducing the overflowing vehicular traffic that they report to the municipal authorities.

In a meeting with the director of Public Works, Luis Gerardo Núñez, they informed him of a record in which they identified 11 critical points in the city for the same traffic, in addition to a lack of aligned traffic lights and intersections.

The President of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, Sinaloa Sur Delegation, Guillermo Trewartha Domínguez, mentioned that among the roads that require interventions or overpasses are:

-Rafael Buelna Avenue at the intersection with Mexico 15 International Highway and Arnoldo Rigodanza Avenue
-Intersection of the Mexican Army and Insurgentes
Avenue -Insurgentes and Juan Pablo II intersection -Mexico International Highway
15 intersection with Santa Rosa and Revolución

Other points are the intersection of Avenida Óscar Pérez Escobosa with Carretera Internacional at the North exit of Mazatlán; the extension of Santa Rosa avenue to the Pradera Dorada subdivision, among others.

Cuellos de botella? Esto sugieren hacer en Mazatlán para reducir el tráfico  - Punto MX

The municipal official said that the arrival of a large number of real estate and commercial projects under development in this city triggered an increase in investment in road infrastructure and services and that for this reason in various avenues that are in very poor condition they are already working on rehabilitating, in addition to the patch program.

Núñez Gutiérrez, reported that they contemplate carrying out approximately 288 works with a budget of around 380 million pesos per year to carry out new roads, paving, and educational infrastructure, where damage generated in the period of the pandemic is finally being repaired, both in terms of electrical, as in structures.

In addition to perimeter works, approximately 15 recreational works and around 86 hydraulic and sanitary infrastructure that correspond to Jumapam.

Núñez added that the budget tripled to be at the level of the development that arrived in Mazatlan and therefore, there are important avenues that are going to be built, such as Santa Rosa of around 88 million pesos and the remodeling of Emilio Barragán avenue, as well as the Toreo Collector with approximately 90 million pesos, works that are about to be tendered.

“Mazatlan has already grown favorably with an exaggerated development of projects for the northern zone and every time the roads provided by the city need to be increased,” he said.

Source: punto.mx

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