OAP calls Semarnat and Profepa to get more involved in Mazatlan beach planning  


The constant complaint of the hotel sector, said Roberto Terrones Cortés, is the “harassment” of street vendors to tourists and the excess noise generated by musical bands

MAZATLAN. – The Operator and Administrator of Beaches called on the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, as well as the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, to become more involved in the ordering of beaches, specifically in the excess of musical bands and Street sellers.  

The director of the OAP, Roberto Terrones Cortés, explained that some hoteliers have put aside the search for the recertification of beaches, as they are focused on other problems that require urgency, such as “harassment” by street vendors and excessive noise. of the musical bands.

“We try to maintain contact with them, have an agreement so that Semarnat and Profepa begin to get more involved in trying to put order, it is a constant in most hotels, that gangs and street vendors is a problem for tourism who comes to rest”, he declared.

These federal agencies are the ones that control these permits because it is a federal area like the beach, they are also the ones who issue these permits and keep track of expiration dates.

Terrones Cortés pointed out that the problem goes further, awareness is required, above all, of this type of service providers, that they respect others, that they do not get out of control and that they have time and space limits.  

“Being responsible that our tourists must also rest and if any of the tourists wants to continue enjoying music, they must understand that there are schedules to respect rest and that our friends from the bands take up this issue very conscientiously,” he said.  

This problem occurs, in greater quantity, during vacation periods, where hoteliers report that one of the biggest and constant complaints of tourism at the end of their stay is the music bands, since their sound can be heard even in the higher rooms, due to the echo in the area.  

Secondly, according to the same reports, it is the excess of street vendors, which is followed by other more internal complaints from the hotels.  

Source: punto.mx

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