The die is cast against Mazatlan police chief Juan Alfaro Gaxiola


The Presidency has 5 days to challenge the decision of the Internal Control Body, or else, to abide by it and initiate the procedure against the Secretary of Public Security

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The mayor or the Secretary of the City Council, as an accusatory party, have 5 business days from Monday, to challenge or ratify the qualification of the opinion issued by the Internal Control Body on the investigation against the Secretary of Public Security, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola.

If the opinion is challenged, the case of the investigation that follows the police chief for the alleged sale of promotions or degrees will be reviewed, but if they ratify the result, a legal process will be initiated against him.

According to unofficial information, the opinion issued by the Internal Control Body is a serious work, based on the Law of Administrative Responsibilities of the State of Sinaloa.

It was said that according to the same Law, as a first step, the complainant (Presidency or Secretary of the City Council), was notified of the qualification of the fault to see if he agrees or not. This was last Friday.

“The complainant has 5 days to challenge the qualification of the fault and if the complainant does not challenge, he goes directly to the responsibilities procedure,” they explained.

Given the rumor that was generated this Saturday, that Commander Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola had been exonerated, municipal sources clarified that this cannot be, because it has not yet entered the procedure. “This is not the time for that,” they stressed.

If the procedure goes ahead, they explained, the secretary Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola will be notified, he will be given his right to a hearing and he will go to the Administrative Justice Court.

Both the municipal president and the secretary of the City Council have 5 business days, starting this Monday, to challenge the result, but if they approve it, the administrative procedure begins. They avoided saying if for the moment, the current Secretary of Public Security Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola can do something in his defense.

They clarified that the procedure that has already been initiated against the Police Chief from the beginning of the investigation cannot be withdrawn due to the complaint by police elements about the alleged sale of promotions and degrees from 40 to 80 thousand pesos, in addition to favoring his daughter and son in law.

“One of the many offenses has already been classified and a procedure has been initiated, there is no other way,” said unofficial sources.

The investigation that was carried out on police chief Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola is for the alleged sale of promotions and degrees to police officers for up to 80 thousand pesos.

It was said inside the Citizen Security Center, but it was not confirmed, that the Police Chief requests a license from the position this Wednesday.

Even when you ask for a license, the procedure that was opened will continue.


The Mazatlan Post