Mazatlan Central Park could have a zip line


The maintenance of green areas could cost up to a million pesos a month, reported Pablo Rojas Zepeda, director of Acuario Mazatlán

MAZATLAN. – Up to one million pesos a month is what Acuario Mazatlán could invest in the maintenance of the Central Park once it is completely ready, as reported by Pablo Rojas Zepeda, director of the paramunicipal.

Being an investment with the Aquarium’s own resources, the Park is being sought to be profitable on its own and not depend on others, for which certain fees will begin to be applied.

The entrance to the tourist attraction will continue to be free, but inside, in the amenities such as the train, kayaks and pedal boats will have a cost that will go directly to the maintenance of the property.

To attract more resources, it is being planned to place a zip line that crosses the lagoon and thus have one more attraction in the park that attracts locals and tourists.

“We are trying to land a project that we believe will detonate the park, especially in the activities of the day, it is a zip line. The idea is that the park be self-financing, it is a high cost, it would take approximately one million pesos a month, “he said.

Currently, the attraction is not profitable and is being sustained only with the resources provided by Aquarius, hence the importance and urgency of beginning to offer services.

What else does Central Park need? The director of the paramunicipal indicated that it is also contemplated to include some jumping fountains with colored lights that work to the rhythm of music to give a greater view of the lagoon and greater diversity of training for citizens.


Train: children $30 per lap/adults 40 per lap.

Boats: 4 people $200 per hour / $150 for 30 minutes.

Kayaks: single $100 per hour/$50 for 30 minutes and double $150 per hour/$100 for 30 minutes.


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