Mazatlan citizens need to report graffiti vandalism


Despite the fact that graffiti is very frequent in shops, homes, and schools in the port, the commander of the Ministry of Public Security said that there are very few complaints that come about this crime.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite the fact that graffiti is an act of vandalism too frequently and that it affects businesses, homes, and schools in the port, the commander of the Ministry of Public Security, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, said that there are very few complaints that come for this crime.

Grafiti mancha paredes de Mazatlán

” Very few reports, almost no reports of graffiti, but sometimes we catch them on the street graffitiing,” he said.

He added that graffiti artists who are detected in flagrante delicto are arrested and brought before the Court.

He mentioned that recently, in the Los Mangos subdivision, a graffiti artist was found red-handed and recalled the time they vandalized Circunvalación Avenue, when it had been inaugurated, where they found those responsible by means of nicknames.

The sanctions for this crime are imposed by the Railing Court; however, he added, one of the punishments is to take them to repair the damage.

” In the Los Mangos subdivision, he repaired the damage, he had to paint the entire fence of the subdivision. We recently arrested three people, they were graffiti, then we took them to repair the damage, these people were already older adults, “he mentioned.

Alfaro Gaxiola commented that the graffiti artists point out that by making their tags they feel that they are expressing something, since he recognized that there are those who do it for “art”, so he did not rule out the possibility of being able to find an exclusive place where they can graffiti.

Options for reporting a crime in Mazatlan

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