There are no more rooms for Easter holidays, Mazatlan hoteliers point out summer reservations filling up fast


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- No room reservations in Mazatlan for this next Easter holiday period, so why risk it, since everything is full during those days, and the same thing is predicted to reach Easter, hence the people avoid taking risks or drifting, recommended Julio Birrueta.

Even for Easter week, there are few rooms left, and for summer reservation information is already being requested, estimating that the phenomenon will repeat itself for those dates.  

“Holy Week is no longer going to be found. In Easter week there is a little availability, but it will fill up, especially because Motorcycle Week has been announced… ”he said.

The tourist promoter pointed out that each hotel continues to work on promoting the destination outside of Mazatlán, especially in more concurrent areas such as the northern economic corridor, the bajio and even Mexico City.  

“Until the summer the whole trend is already practically defined, it does not mean that all the reservations entered, but already the advertising promotion plans, already everyone is in the field of the markets, all the hoteliers are in promotion, already it is practically guaranteed until summer, Easter is no longer going to be found, Easter week there is still a little availability, but the places will still be filled.

What follows, he said, is to wait for the instructions from the health authorities and see if they will allow the capacity to be increased from 75 to even 100 percent, due to the decrease in cases due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

“We are waiting, the issue is practically given, we are waiting for the official notice because the issue of contagion has already stalled, everyone to get vaccinated and take care of themselves. We, with 75 percent of the capacity, practically kept the entire workforce, we are ready, ”he declared.

Just last Friday, the “Tres Islas” Hotel Association reported that reservations were around 64 percent and in that same period, the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mazatlan indicated that, if things go well, Mazatlan would be obtaining an economic benefit of one thousand 222 million pesos.  

The Mazatlan Post