Mazatlan Organic Market: you have until April 9 to visit it


Although its clients are mainly from the Expat community, Mazatlecos have also given themselves the opportunity to consume local.

MAZATLAN. – The Mazatlán Organic Market has two Saturdays left to end its season, which will be officially on April 9, after approximately 4 months that they were showing their best in the Zaragoza square.  

Ángel Cevallos, deputy manager of the Organic Market, mentioned that, with the course of the pandemic, they did notice a decrease in their clients, compared to 2020, which went very well for them, however, he attributes it to more national and border issues due to the customer mobility.  

However, he said, in recent Saturdays, the flow of local visitors has increased, so if the streak continues like this, there is a chance of lengthening the market season, but everything will depend on the flow of consumers.  

“There is still a lot left these last Saturdays, because the product is always fresh, the fruits and vegetables are grown throughout the year and right now a lot is fresh, very good, we always start in November for the foreign community, but when we have more product, It’s this season,” he said.  

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

Among the products that you can find in the market are proteins such as chicken, eggs and meat, dairy products such as fresh milk, cheese, butter and cream, even cream cheese; seasonal vegetables such as chili, eggplant, and tomato, as well as products made with yucca and chocolate.  

Going through it doesn’t take much time, you go around the square while you see pots with fragrant plants, and then you’re in the coffee or chicken place, there is also a breakfast area, they prepare eggs, marlin a la Mexican with beans and other things.  

“We are an ecological market, when it is born, it is born with the idea of ​​helping small producers and communities that do not have the economic resources to be able to put chemicals into it, but with nature itself and carry out its process,” he said.  

In addition, you will always find live music, dances and even plays, a guitar solo, even a marimba group that plays from the Corrido de Mazatlán to current songs such as “It’s never enough”, by Natalia Lafourcade.  

The Organic Market is located on Plazuela Zaragoza, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  

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