At what time and on what day will the spring equinox occur in Mazatlan


The Conagua meteorologist in Mazatlan, Hugo Nordahl Valdez, explained that this season is one of flowering, which translates into spiritual themes and pre-Hispanic beliefs to charge with energy.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Are you looking to charge yourself with energy with the arrival of the spring equinox? Well, you can do it at 08:33 a.m. on Sunday, March 20 of this year, the time that marks the official start of the most “colorful” season of the year. 

Hugo Nordahl Valdez, Conagua specialist and meteorologist in Mazatlan, explained that spring is the season in which the first variations of heat and cold appear, with cool days, but also hot, although there have been years in which they have reached be colder than winter. 

“But spring already indicates flowering, that the energy that reaches us from the sun is already a little more intense and the plants take advantage of it, so it is the indicative of spring, flowering, there is more energy, so we have to take advantage of it, the On the 20th, on Sunday at 9:33 in the morning (Central Time), the winter solstice ends and the spring equinox begins.”

In addition, it is an indication of flowering, since the energy of the sun is more intense, that is why it is when the plants turn green and bloom; what has been given a spiritual meaning among people, who perform some rituals facing the sun or connecting with the earth to charge themselves with energy.  

This is a universal phenomenon, which occurs throughout the planet, with changes in schedules and its name has the meaning “Equal-Night” at the moment in which the sun takes an axis perpendicular to the equator, in which the day has the same duration as the night, that is to say, 12 hours, with the exception of the polar regions.

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