Will you go to Las Labradas during the equinox?


The gastronomic sample will be in the community of La Chicayota, a place you have to go through to get to the archaeological zone and welcome spring.

MAZATLAN.- If every spring, you are one of those who visit the archaeological zone of Las Labradas and recharge your energy during the equinox, take advantage of the gastronomic sample that will be in the place.


Before or after your ritual, imagine stopping in the town of La Chicayota and tasting barbecue, birria, Mexican-style nopales, beans, and handmade tortillas, enjoy yourself, and help the inhabitants in their economy.  

The director of Tourism in San Ignacio, Carlos Piña, explained that this tasting is a “win-win” and that this town enjoys the bonanza of local and foreign tourists who visit the area.  

It will be next Monday, March 21, when this event will take place, along with the activities in the archaeological zone, and he pointed out that it is planned to apply health recommendations, such as the use of face masks, healthy distance, and frequent hand washing.  

Photos: Fernanda Magallanes

What is in Las Labradas?  

You can do a lot, there are conferences, book presentations, Ulama exhibitions, folkloric dance, and pre-Hispanic rituals, in these rituals or ceremonies as they are called, they light incense, herbs, mount flowers and each person is cleansed of bad energies.  

Recibe el Equinoccio de Primavera en las Labradas San Ignacio – Esto es  Sinaloa

To enter the archaeological zone, you have to pass through La Chicayota, a town that belongs to San Ignacio, with at least 190 inhabitants and that is located within the Meseta de Cacaxtla, a Protected Natural Area decreed since 2000, to conserve endangered species such as the jaguar.  

In the last visit of the secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, the mayor of San Ignacio, Octavio Bastidas, requested the ease of permits to improve the roads to the archaeological zone, and also proposed an Ulama exhibition field so permanent.  

In response, the federal official said he supported and even proposed a restaurant for the area and that people not only visit from entrance to exit, but that their stay is for more than three or four hours. 

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