Mazatlan’s “Vinata Los Osuna” and its 130 years distilling agave


They have aged, reposado, white, and even vanilla, the Mezcal in Mazatlan is an ancient tradition that has gained strength over time.

MAZATLAN.- There is a place in Mazatlan where you can learn about the distillation process of agave with more than 300 years, we are talking about the Vinata Los Osuna, located at kilometer 45 towards La Noria.  


It all begins in 1800 with the planting of agaves in Concordia, which later spread to Mazatlán, in the area of ​​La Noria. In 1876, Liberato Osuna arrived from Spain, who settled with his wife in this area and since then began with the creation of agave distillate, since it is known that this area of ​​La Noria is the ideal land for it.  

For years, the lands of the municipality of Mazatlán witnessed the birth of numerous haciendas vinatas where large amounts of mezcal were produced, but only the Osuna farm has lasted over time until it became a tourist attraction in the rural area of ​​“ The Pearl of the Pacific”.  

Alfredo Pelayo Osuna, director of the winery, mentioned that, compared to Jalisco, Sinaloa only has 10 percent fewer agave fields, representing around 30,000 hectares, which now, with the name of mezcal, seek to raise the fame of the area. 

“Sinaloa was a mezcal emporium… a series of events came that, over time, caused many agave companies to close. 

The origins of the alcohol and drug prohibition movements. The case of Mexico (1917-1928) 

“The attempt to establish the prohibition of alcohol in Mexico. The theme will be addressed from the first decades of the 20th century when American civic organizations and Protestant churches came to promote their moral campaign against alcohol and drugs in post-revolutionary Mexico”.

This was reactivated and was done for tourism purposes and here we continue, “he declared.  

Photos: Fernanda Magallanes

The tour is dynamic, they show you the elaboration processes between them, the cultivation between 7 and 8 years, once harvested, the agave is jimmed and the pineapples are transported to the distilling factory; Once in the factory, a production process is carried out in five stages: knowledge, sugar extraction, fermentation, distillation, and maturation.  

The arrival of the name ‘Mezcal’ 

Pelayo Osuna pointed out that with this denomination they seek to relaunch and promote the area. There are those who are planting, harvesting and have already begun to look for a way to prepare mezcal, there is even an association that works to elevate the area in terms of tourism with respect to the so-called mezcal route.


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“We have to keep working, there is really a lot of work to do, apart from a plant that takes 7 years to mature, we have to wait a long time, the least I bring is hurry, I already left the foundation for future generations and hopefully we can transmit all this to them “, said.  

La Vinata Los Osuna in Mazatlán is open all year round from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You do not need a reservation to visit it, you just need to get to the factory, which is at kilometer 45 on the road to La Noria. 

Photos: Fernanda Magallanes

The Vinata Los Osuna Tour lasts 30 minutes, has a cost of 50 pesos and at the end of the tour of the place they give you 2 courtesy shots so you can try the distillates that are produced in the place, such as white, reposado and flavored liqueurs such as vanilla. 


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