Escuinapa crackdown on improper motorcycle use


Municipal Transit carries out preventive actions in the communities of the Teacapán Valley

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- The Directorate of Public Security, through the Subdirectorate of Municipal Traffic, applies permanent preventive operations on the use of helmets by motorcyclists both in the municipal capital and in the communities.

The data reported during the month of January and what corresponds to the month of February of this year in Escuinapa are:

•Not wearing a protective helmet: 70 offenses •Parking in places not allowed or more than the time allowed: 36 offenses •Not carrying a driver’s license (vehicles, motorcycles and minors) 32 offenses •Improper speed (vehicles and motorcycles): 16 offenses •Failure to obey traffic signals: 7 infractions

The deputy director of Municipal Traffic, Jorge Oswaldo Castro Torres, stated that the corporation does not have profits for the infractions and emphasized that it is for the safety of users.

“We do not win anything, it is to save lives; it is not for the fact of violating them, it is to protect them and safeguard their physical integrity and their lives, it is for the good of the drivers,” Castro Torres pointed out.

The commander of the police corporation explained that this month there have been no accidents to regret, only last month where one person lost his life and one more had an amputated leg.

He also mentioned that at the checkpoints it is emphasized that no more than two people travel and that each of the crew wears the helmet properly.

In turn, they check the vehicles (trucks) that transport personnel to the field.

“They are checking that they have the insurance policy, that it is valid and health recommendations are made, as well as not exceeding the limit of personnel in their vehicles,” he commented.

He added that around 30 motorcycles are protected per week that are deposited in the pension of the Santa Lucía neighborhood, in the municipal seat. When the offender pays for his ticket, the vehicle is delivered to him.


The Mazatlan Post