What to do in Mazatlan for 2022 first long weekend holiday


Next Monday the first long weekend holiday of the year arrives, take advantage and enjoy each day, here we tell you how.

MAZATLAN. – The first long bridge of the year can almost be enjoyed. Next Monday, February 7, there will be no work due to the commemoration of the Promulgation of the Mexican Constitution. This fact is celebrated on February 5, 1917, so the holiday is moved to Monday 7.  

In this first three-day weekend of the year, students and professionals will rest, so it will be a good time to enjoy some rest. 

How to take advantage of the long weekend? If you have no idea or no plan for those dates, don’t worry, Punto MX has some recommendations for you to enjoy these days to the fullest, but without forgetting the protocols against Covid-19. 

1- Tour the boardwalk 

Are you one of those who walks in fitness mode? If so, we suggest you walk along the boardwalk, the second-longest in the world, at 21 kilometers. 

How long is the Mazatlan boardwalk, 9 km or 21 km? Mazatleco.com goes through it all so you can see it from start to finish

In addition, we recommend you walk it from south to north, from the lighthouse to Valentino’s nightclub, or climb the lighthouse. This way you will have the opportunity to exercise and in the process enjoy the incredible view of the beaches of Mazatlan. 

2- Visit the beaches  

Now that picnics are in trend, the beach is the ideal option for this plan.  

All you need is to agree with your family, partner, or friends. Pizza, drinks, and snacks will be the perfect trio to accompany your afternoon.  

Relax, enjoy and admire the sunset!  

3- Get to know the towns around Mazatlan 

Not everything is beach! Near Mazatlan there are magical places recognized for their history and cultural preservation:  

Copala: One hour from Mazatlan is this picturesque and old mining town. It is recognized for its old mines and gold deposits, for its facades, and its cobbled streets. Undoubtedly one of the calmest and most peaceful towns. 

La Noria: This community always receives visitors with good treatment. Soundtrack, and typical local food: burritos, tamales, typical sweets, and also handicrafts. Long live Mexico and its magical and stately towns! 

El Rosario: One hour from Mazatlan, is one of the most emblematic towns in the State of Sinaloa. 

The Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario is the most preferred architectural relic by its visitors. Get to know the city center! 

El Quelite: It is located 30 kilometers from Mazatlan. It is ideal to visit it on a Sunday since it is the day that its inhabitants dedicate themselves more to attending tourism.  

Here you can find distilleries and learn how tequila is made from Agave. You will also be able to experience and make the most popular local sauces and tortillas. Without a doubt, it is an excellent destination to connect with the residents. 

4- Choose a tour  

Even if you’re a local, it’s not a bad idea to occasionally take a little getaway that makes you feel like a tourist. Therefore, we invite you to take a tour and venture into the action. 

As Mazatlán is a city that specializes in receiving tourism, you will find several agencies that want to help you and provide you with their best service.  

You can find boat trips to get to know the islands. 

If your stay seeks to be more adventurous, you can also explore the surroundings and do some activity in nature such as hiking or extreme sports (zip lines, ATVs, or mountain bikes).  

5- City Aquarium 

One of the most important places to visit in Mazatlan is the Aquarium. It is not only because it is one of the main attractions, but also because of its impressive variety of species that can only be seen inside. 

In this giant fish tank, you can see an immense number of sharks, frogs, rays, flamingos, among other species. And as if that were not enough, the exhibition has a museum of the sea that has a wide variety of shows with birds and sea lions. You will also be able to see up close the imposing construction of the new Mar de Cortés Aquarium.  

6- Plaza Machado 

The plan of going for a few drinks to Plazuela Machado never goes out of style, it will forever be one of the favorite pastimes of Mazatlecos. You can walk, sit or just get to one of those restaurants that are around to start enjoying a great night.


7- Watch movies at home 

If yours is not going out, we recommend watching movies from home. Some important titles have been released on the different streaming platforms to enjoy with some popcorn on the side. 

Matrix, Rebelde, Euphoria and We are all dead are some of the most popular releases in recent weeks. 

Source: punto.mx

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