Mazatlan: If you don’t file a “denuncia”, criminals caught in the act will be freed


Alfaro Gaxiola urges citizens to denounce the thieves or they will leave detention quickly.

MAZATLÁN.- At the moment, the Ministry of Public Security in Mazatlán has a report of theft in an educational establishment at the beginning of the year, which was registered in a kindergarten located in the El Toreo subdivision, and although the alleged criminal was arrested they cannot proceed due to lack of a formal complaint “denuncia”, said Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, head of the agency. 

Hence, the municipal official insists on the importance of promoting the citizen complaint, since if it is not presented, the corporation takes longer to arrest the people than they do to leave. 

He stated that the instruction was given to the commanders of each sector in the city, to identify the total number of schools that they have in their sector in remote mode in order to reinforce security.

“Crime rates are down in Mazatlan, although the largest number of complaints we have is that they detect suspicious people,” said Alfaro Gaxiola.  

The secretary added that in the case of home robberies there are no reports, on this issue, he said, everything is calm.  

He said that it is being sought that the motorcycles that were confiscated for not having plates are not delivered to the owners until they are properly placed.  


The Mazatlan Post