Gasoline and diesel: these are today’s prices for the state of Sinaloa


Fuel prices for Culiacán, Mazatlán, Guasave and Navolato

Sin.- Today fuel costs in Mexico do not have significant changes compared to the gasoline prices reported yesterday Monday.

This is the price of gasoline in Mexico:

The price of the Magna today is 20.32 pesos, while the price of Diesel is 21.74 pesos. Premium gasoline at 22.27 pesos.

In Sinaloa, the gasoline magna woke up with a price of 20.58 pesos, the Premium 22.99 pesos and the diesel 21.77

In the state capital the magna costs 20.11 pesos, the Premium 22.77 and the diesel 21.08 pesos, while in the port of Mazatlán, the diesel is at 21.94, the magna 20.49 and the Premium gasoline at 20.49.

In Guasave, today’s prices are a little more expensive than in the capital of Sinaloa: the Magna costs 21.04 pesos, while the Premium reaches 23.92 pesos per liter and the diesel 22.3.

In Navolato, on the other hand, the costs are lower. The Magna costs 20.31 pesos per liter, the Premium 21.46 pesos and finally the diesel comes to 21.17

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