Beware of real estate fraud in Mazatlán


Mazatlan Sinaloa.- Mazatlán is a real estate boom but the problem is that fraudsters are the order of the day, said notary Dino Durán Ibarra. He added that the defrauded are both residents of the port and other entities in the country.

“As for the real estate boom, there have been many cases of real estate fraud here and you have to be alert not so much in the Notarios but with the real estate brokers who are selling houses that have already been sold, offering land that they do not have the power to sell and that is what I see in person I would recommend to the people who are going to invest in Mazatlan to have an independent attorney review all documents”, said the lawyer.

He added that there are people who do all the protocol outside of Mazatlán and come to register it here. He recalled that some notaries have already died and there was a stamp left there and someone takes the opportunity to continue using those seals and sell a property that has already been sold and that is why the litigation begins, which is why these types of acts are very recurrent in Mazatlán. He argued that this real estate boom also requires services that are continually failing.

“Right now there is a real estate boom, that being objective people are complaining about what is going to happen the day that, well, that day is already there. Public services are saturated, I am talking about garbage, drainage, and drinking water, what will happen? Asked the notary.

Durán Ibarra said that the truth is that there is an investment and there is work, but the problem of the lack of services is not taken seriously.


The Mazatlan Post

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