Mayor “purges” the legal department of ​​Jumapam after the lost case with the Toledo family in Mazatlán


Sooner or later the City Council will recover everything, and that includes the “Teodoro Mariscal” baseball stadium; and not only that, the president sent a message to the company Espectáculos Costa del Pacífico saying that “love pays with love”

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Torres Benitez began purging the legal department of the Municipal Board of Water Supply and Sewerage Mazatlan (Jumapam) after the case lost to the Toledo family and now forced to return almost three million pesos.

The municipal president said that sooner or later the Commune will recover everything, and that includes the “Teodoro Mariscal” baseball stadium; and not only that, he sent a message to the Toledo family by telling them that: “love with love pays off,” and in the end, the Law will agree with the local authorities.

“Well look. I respect legal matters because it does not depend on us, and if a judge decides this, we comply with it and remember that ‘love with love is paid’ and we will recover everything ”.

Are there flaws in the Jumapam legal system?

“Yes, I have always told them, there are a lot of corrupt, workers who sell things and all this happens, but we are doing a purge, we are going to clean the entire interior of the Board,” he sentenced. 

The municipality clarified that there will be no revenge against those corrupt workers of the Potable Water Board. What yes, is that in that place he will put people with ideals and who carry the objective of transforming Mazatlán. 

On the subject of cloudy water, he specified that it also comes to his house that way, and perhaps that today has caused him an upset stomach. 

Does your house have clean water, Mayor?

“No, I don’t even have a filter.”

How do you do it? 

“Well, like all Mazatlecos because finally the fault is not the mayor, it is not the Board, they were two natural phenomena, which has not occurred for more than 30 years and fortunately we have water, dirty, because it is dirty and in little time is going to look good ”.

Do many people say they have had skin problems?

“It is likely that yes, I have a bad stomach and maybe that’s why,” he said. 

The mayor of Mazatlán affirmed that the Jumapam staff works to eradicate this problem of cloudy water that came as a result of the impact of the two hurricanes “Nora” and “Pamela”.


The Mazatlan Post