Mazatlán is at a point of growth that we must take care of public services: CMIC and AMPI


Both the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry of the southern area, and the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mazatlán signed an agreement, precisely to join and echo the needs of the port with the authorities

MAZATLÁN.- The construction and real estate sector is part of the exponential growth that Mazatlán is having in recent years, and despite a global pandemic that stopped many activities, it is these two who did not stop their work, achieving that the ‘ boom ‘real estate that is in the port is increasing.

However, basic and public services, roads and even the feasibility of the land are causing the city to grow unevenly, with failed lighting in some areas, water shortages in others, and problems even in garbage collection, being a duty on demand for these. 

The president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry of the Southern Delegation, Guillermo Trewartha Domínguez, remarked that in the field of public services there is much to be done, but one of the priorities to be covered and resolved is garbage collection. 

“In public services there are a lot of things to do, garbage collection, some lighting, security, it is very extensive but the main thing is the garbage, it is the one that must be improved, there are points where the garbage remains for days, ”he declared. 

For his part, Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlán, pointed out that this growth must be taken care of, displacing foreign construction companies, in which it has been proven that they have left poorly executed jobs that they damage the image of the city. 

In addition, a greater approach is required with landowners, especially with those who raised their sale prices, without knowing the housing construction projects, which therefore, when they are built, increase their value, leaving aside those of social interest and its purchase being impossible for the working class. 

“Social interest housing is being built for the Kraken where the infrastructure is still far away when there is a lot of land in this area that we can develop, it is important to go hand in hand, go with the authority and that they bring us closer to the owners of the land that they have years alone and do not allow growth and that is also affecting ”, he added. 

Arellano Osorio pointed out that 2022 will have a year of many opportunities, both for real estate and builders, however, these various actors that make up the industry must be qualified to promote better dynamics and improve, together, for Mazatlán. 

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

Sign agreement 

AMPI and CMIC joined and precisely, aimed at working in coordination to strengthen Mazatlán, signed an agreement that will help them seek communication with the authorities and expose this type of need to facilitate and improve development processes. 


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