Welcome to Mazatlán! Between 3 and 4 cruises per week will dock in the port


Cruise season gains strength in this last two months of the year, due to the schedule of boats that are scheduled to dock in this beach destination

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mazatlan opens a door, after living the pandemic of the COVID-19, it because in the last two months of 2021, the arrival of tourist cruises marks a good number and presence of tourists who enjoy the destination, said María Astrid Macías Fregoso. 

El segmento de Cruceros en Mazatlán retoma Esplendor- Mazatlán Interactivo

The director of the Tourist Care and Protection Center in Mazatlán pointed out that they estimate the arrival of three to four boats per week, which means a significant number of visitors and an important economic benefit. 

“We are prepared and December and it will also be a good calendar, they already begin to arrive this month in November, and also December, they come from three to four cruises per week really fortunately because all the visitors who arrive here in Mazatlán have taken a good impression, a good image of safety, of mobility routes, many use the bicycle, the bicycle lane, the lines and also rely on the tourist application “. 

El Malecón de Mazatlán - Playas de Mexico

The municipal official noted that fortunately the visitors, according to the experiences and results they have collected, get a good taste of Mazatlán. 

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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