Gildardo Leyva agrees to “be the Mayor of tourism in El Fuerte”


The commitment was made by the mayor during the welcoming event to the Chepe Express train route

Hoyancos Station, El Fuerte.- The tourist projection of El Fuerte and strengthening its attractiveness for visitors will be the main task of Mayor Gildardo Leyva Ortega.

The municipal president made this commitment during the event that welcomed the Chepe Express train route and thus opens the door to attract national and international tourists to the magical town. 

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“I want to tell you that we Fortenses are very happy for the start of the Chepe route again, because it brings us the economic spillover that we all need, we are making the necessary changes in the tourism of El Fuerte. I want to be the president of tourism in El Fuerte, changes are coming for the benefit of all; We invite you to visit us, we will have great events ”, stated Leyva Ortega.

Mayor Gildardo Leyva recognized that the Chihuahua-Pacific train is also a great hope for the hoteliers, restaurants, tenants, and travel agencies of El Fuerte who have seen activity seriously affected by the pandemic.

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The municipal president stressed that his commitment is to encourage the economy of El Fuerte, so the tourism issue is also part of his administrative agenda.


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