Learn about “En adopción Mazatlán” a temporary home for four-legged angels


At “Adopción Mazatlán”, a temporary home for canines with small actions and big changes.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A place south of Mazatlán, for 13 years now, has functioned as a temporary home for the four-legged angels, the woman who throughout this time has taken over the enclosure mentions that It all started with the love he has for animals, that was his main engine to start this project.

The lady is not from Mazatlan, however, several years ago she came to Mazatlán with her seven dogs, which soon became nine after adopting two more.

The people of the surroundings, noticing the number of canines, began to bring more to the door of this charitable woman, to the point where the sanctuary arose without planning it, which little by little was adapted to improve its condition of receiving pets, with larger spaces, be closed with a mesh, to finally be a completely suitable space for animals.

Upon reaching 30 dogs, the owner of the enclosure begins to require help, as it was hard work to take care of everything by herself, based on this she began to request the help of several people who will contribute to the work, including some originally from Canada who grew together to associate with the Mazatlán Animal Rescue foundation.


The sanctuary currently houses more than 200 animals, including dogs and cats, of which they take care of daily, they mentioned they do not keep them in cages, they like to have free spaces and stay happy, for which they have large recreational areas, as well as veterinarians and volunteers who take care of pets when they require it and keep them healthy.

They also work to sterilize them to avoid the birth of more animals in the street, sharing the message “Sterilize one and you will save thousands”, inviting pet owners to do so.

The place has everything you need to care for animals thanks to donations, and its main objective is to give a decent life to the hundreds of dogs and cats that are under its care, a true example of hard work and love for animals. less fortunate animals.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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